This blog is meant to be an eclectic mix of reviews, stories, rants etc on whatever the hell I feel like writing about. Comments are always welcome, and if you want to do a guest blog,  not for money because I can’t afford to pay you, but because you’re really funny and/or have something useful to say, I’d consider it.

Most stuff about me  you could figure out by reading some posts — especially in the True Story category.  I’ve had about a zillion “careers” most of which involved writing. These days I’m concentrating on my own creative stuff, so it would be great if you’d take a look at my cheap e-books (two of which are available as paperbacks).  I used to write for a couple of now defunct “cultural” blogs: Happy Nice Time People and The Agony Booth. I’m planning a trip to the Way Back Machine to retrieve some posts from those sites and repost them here.

If you arrived here because you actually READ something I wrote somewhere else, it would be AWESOME of you to leave a glowing review of that thing you read and maybe give a copy to a friend.

If you would love to give me money, I don’t accept donations on this blog,  but you are welcome as I previously stated to buy my books.  I do some online tutoring, and writing coaching. I have a site for teaching English as a Second Language, but also work with native English speakers on writing and grammar, so if you know someone who needs lesson, send him or her here.

I do very occassional reviews of performances, so if you want me to see something live n the NYC area, feel free to contact me.  I occassionally review books, but please don’t send me an efile and ask me to look at yours. If you think it would interest me, you can send me an email and I’ll peruse a sample and let you know.

You can contact me by email if you’d like at marion @ gmail dot com (Spaces to discourage bots. I’m sure you understand.)