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What readers are saying about Loisaida:

From customer reviews on Amazon dot com:

“Stein has created such multifaceted characters that even as you hate them, you root for them, against your better judgment.”

“.. then hit chapter three and suddenly it opened out into this unbelievable range of voices, … so authentic and distinct from each other that it is hard to believe they were all conceived and written by the same person.”

“..elevating the noir thriller to an art form, revealing the depth of human frailty and self-conceit, and above all painting the mural of an urban region as diverse as it is dirty.”

“The characters and the locations seemed to jump out at me fully formed and together they seemed to define what is NY to me.”

“Loved the era and reality in the setting – 1980s Lower East Side was a special place filled with characters just like those described by Stein.”

“There are more characters than you would easily remember, except that they’re so wonderfully drawn that you remember them all. Each has his or her utterly distinctive voice. ”

“The subtitle, “A New York Story” is perfect, because the multiple voices seem like a chorus for the city.”

“Despite having a large cast, keeping track of the current point of view and how each character connects with the others was rather easy.”

“It’s a completely absorbing read, and, yes, I’m going to say it – it was an absolute privilege for me to read writing this good.”

“It is definitely couldn’t-put-it-down material that rivals most of the best-selling thrillers I’ve read in the past ten years.”

“Ms. Stein’s writing style is, in turns, staccato, lyrical, and enthralling.”

“The characters are so real, you can smell, hear, visualize and yes even taste them.”

Written with confidence, keen literary sensibilities, but an accessible and easy to read style. This is one of those books that once you start reading you will find it very hard to stop.”


E-book $3.99 at AmazonBarnes & NobleIBooks and Kobo. Kobo retails through many indie bookstores, so feel free to look for it at whatever indie bookstore  you want to support!

Paperback $14.25 Discounted to $11.64 at Amazon. ISBN: 978-0615336817  We’re currently working on getting the 2nd edition into other online and retail stores, but as it was previously published with the same ISBN it’s proved temporarily tricky!

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From Amazon UK:

“It’s both a fascinating portrait of a time and a place, and a gripping story from multiple characters’ interlinking lives and points of view.”

“Difficult to put into any single category, whilst it does concern a crime, it’s much more than simply a crime novel.”

“There are sumptuous descriptive passages scattered around, realistic dialogue and a masterclass in characterisation.”

“This is a thought-provoking nostalgia rush from an author who operates with complete mastery of her material.”

“For the time it took to read this I lived in another world.”

“…being an English country boy, … this book made me feel, physically, the claustrophobia and tension of a New York summer.”

“It’s like going back in time and spending a weekend sat in the lobby of the Chelsea Hotel.”

“Written with the subtle gray strokes of the real world, where nothing is black and white and nothing is good or evil, Loisaida defies characteriztion as purely literary fiction or purely thriller – it is, simply put, a stunning trip.”

And from Goodreads:

“an evocative and engrossing account …”

“Made me nostalgic for the home I used to have.”

“A lyrical ode to life lived outside the mainstream.”

“.. there are times you feel the tension to such a degree, you wonder if you, yourself, are in danger for knowing what the characters know.”

“This book seems to have gained something of a cult following, largely I think,because of the way it crosses different genres so successfully.”

“I think I should have been listening to Lou Read whilst reading it.”


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