The Death Trip

Take The Death Trip, a quick-read novella, available in all e-book formats at the Kindle Store, I-Books, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers for only 99 cents.

This is what some readers at  Amazon UK thought:

I read it in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“..the story itself is extremely interesting and I loved the ending.”

“A scary look into a possible future, anyone who does’nt ‘fit in’ or is too old or infirm, can be given a speedy exit.”

“I was hooked from the first page.”

And this is from  Amazon (dot com):

“The first half of this story reads like an early Greg Egan, posing questions on topic ranging from the nature of our experiences, ethics of euthanasia to politics of drug control.

“Dealing with testy moral issues like assisted dying and euthanasia is never easy – but the story weaves these together with compelling arguments for and against.”

“…fast paced and you get a real feel for the characters.”

“Very few of the free or low cost items on my Kindle end up being saved. This one did.”

“I really enjoyed this intriguing novella.”

“The development was so well done that it felt like I knew the guy.”

“…this is a book that is very difficult to put down.”

And Goodreads:

“Mixing politics, philosophy, and science fiction, this novella manages to weave together questions of euthanasia, assisted suicide, drug counter-culture, and corporatized medicine into a compelling narrative without feeling preachy or heavy-handed.”

“What a deliciously fun read! “

“…the ending was flawlessly executed.”

“Very well written and certainly one that could provoke a good debate.”

“Really interesting, well written book with a gripping plot.”

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