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The Crying of Plot 33, Wayward Pines Episode 6 – Recap

Last week Wayward Pines dumped a truckload of information on us, but somehow it worked. Can they pull off the same hat trick twice?

Not really.

We open with the town in flames. We know it’s Wayward Pines because the hotel sign tells us so, and we saw the carousel. Pilcher is looking around at the aftermath. Flashback or flash-forward? We’ll find out or guess soon enough, but it would have been nice to get more than a teaser, especially as much of the episode consists of Pilcher telling Ethan what we already knew or could have figured out for ourselves. (Read the rest of this detailed recap over at Happy Nice Time People because they know you like to watch and read about it later. Then come back here and look around at some of the other neat stuff. You can thank me by clicking here. I promise nothing bad will happen!)