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Wayward Pines Recap S1 E5 — So That’s What All That Dust Was About…

We were promised “the truth.  Lots of shows make promises they can’t keep. Does Wayward Pines deliver?

Night: Despite having previously seen a “wolf” drag off Sheriff Pope’s body, Ethan climbs the rocks and heads over the wall to get help. So what’s on the other side? It’s too dark to see much but you can hear genuine crickets, and growling, lots of low-rumbling growls, and something scampering real fast in the woods. Ethan starts shooting, but can’t see at what. He’s just reacting to the sounds, turning around, shooting in the dark. Something strikes him, a blade of some kind, which he pulls from his arm. That’s gotta hurt. (Read the rest of this fascinating post over at Happy Nice Time People.)