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The Americans — Who’s Your Daddy? S3-E1

Last night’s episode had no actual sex, yet could have turned porny in so many places. All it needed was the music. Shall we review?

Is dental play part of your erotic repertoire? If Philip’s DIY-Dental work gave you that funny feeling, maybe it should be. This being the internet, I’m sure you can find plenty of tutorials.

Teenage babysitters and the dads who love them.

Sexy work situations! There was the cougar and the trainee. The new guy and the secretary (Watch out new guy! Her husband killed the last man who liked her.)The interracial bros at work getting to know each other, and of course Arkady and Oleg – growing ever closer. There’s was a forbidden love in the old time Soviet Union (and modern Russia.)

And let’s not forget the insecure teenage boy and the very adult neighbor lady. “Mrs. Beeman, are you trying to seduce me?”

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