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The Americans — Beyond the Frosted Glass Door

What revisionist bullhockey will The Americans try to shove up our butts this week? (And yes, I’m using bullhockey because I would like ¬†recaps of The Americans to be a thing on The Rachel Maddow Show, kind of like the way Keith Olbermann used to read Thurber stories on Friday only more better.) The answer is: The Boland Amendment! That’s right for those of you old enough to remember who weren’t too stoned to care! For you young ‘uns, the Boland Amendment was a weak compromise that made it a little harder to give money to the right-wing death squads to overthrow the democratically-elected leftist government in Nicaragua. This led to Reagan and his cronies finding other ways to fund them, which gave us the Iran/Contra scandal and ¬†CRACK COCAINE. What the Boland Amendment was NOT was a communist conspiracy from the Soviet Union except maybe in the wet dreams of Dick Cheney. SO PLEASE SHOW SHUT UP ABOUT THE POLITICS BECAUSE YOU ARE MAKING MY HEAD EXPLODE.

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