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Smash Death Watch — It Gets Worse

It wasn’t like I actually sat down and watched. I was multi-tasking.

Here were just a few terrible moments:

  • Julia’s telling Tom (and the audience) that they are depressed, and this is the Chinese restaurant they go to when depressed, and this is what they order when they are depressed, and here they are again because – depressed. Does Tom have Alzheimer’s? Is that why Julia must tell him all this? Or is this yet again a sign of the writers’ laziness and contempt for an audience they think is too stupid to get it?
  • Julia’s “Oh my God,” at the news Jerry was paying Ellis. Has Grace just stopped trying?
  • The very special lesson that honesty is the best policy. Ivy tells Terry the truth about his performance and instead of firing her, the egomaniacal bully thanks her and changes his ways. And they all lived happily ever after.
  • New Guy saying he was going to “get high and go to work,” because heaven forbid we should forget that he uses DRUGS, or he should actually have to do any acting to show us that aspect of the character.

The list could go on and on. At this point almost every moment is bad, and not in a good way. Feel free to chime in if you think I missed any of the worst.

Smash Season Two — Too boring to hate-watch.

The days of hate-watching are over. First season Smash may have been dumb, but it was, at least occasionally, interesting.

It’s not that I don’t hate the new season. I do, but it’s no longer entertaining, and whereas before I could sort of tune-out the stupid, or groan through it until they went into some Broadway-like musical number, I can no longer even do that.

To begin with they’ve made Grace Julia super annoying. Granted she was no picnic last year either. Good that they jettisoned her husband and son though I didn’t mind Shrek so much. The forty-year old boy who still lived at home with them was awful. If they’d just cast someone who looked sixteen, and acted sixteen, maybe viewers wouldn’t have gotten so pissed off about it. The homelife versus crazy-world-of-theater could have worked. A realistic look at the pressures of being the playwright’s spouse could have been interesting. In fact, All About Eve was told from the spouse’s outsider point-of-view.  Frank as narrator, or even telling the story from multiple characters’ points of view would have, at least, been different.

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