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Smash – Opening Night – Now Sucking Slightly Less

Ezra Pound????? The musical? Was that supposed to be an inside joke between Julia and Tom, and maybe the deadpan delivery got in the way? Or, is this show really being written by idiots who just filled in Ezra Pound having no idea about all the crazy fascist stuff?

This is my first post on the show in about 3 weeks because while I was still continuing my vigil, there was not much new to report. Generally, the level of terribleness has lessened. That doesn’t mean it’s good. A season highlight came a couple of weeks back with the perfect song, Let’s Start Tomorrow Tonight, which sounded like a classic from some late studio-era musical, but then they ruined the aftermath, arguing that it didn’t belong in the show and used it for the whole predictable Tom-is-now-losing-his-humanity storyline. You’ve got a song like that, you either find a place for it i Continue reading Smash – Opening Night – Now Sucking Slightly Less