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A Good Point I Can’t Take Credit For

At dinner, I was rattling on about the unbelievably stupid way that the Romney campaign was run — the reliance on some app on Election Day instead of working on getting out the vote before then, never developing a plausible path to win the electoral college, making a desperate play for Pennsylvania a day before the Election, relying on internal polls while ignoring accurate ones, making seemingly random robo-calls to non-targeted voters, and all the while not paying any attention to what their opponents were doing.

It’s one of the reasons I’m inclined to believe the press release from The Protectors or Anonymous or whomever it is claiming they hacked Rove before he could steal Florida, Ohio and Virginia. But then again, even that was a stupid plan because Obama still would have won with 272 electoral votes.

So my media naranja says he has no problem believing these idiots were simply overconfident and convinced by their own bullshit and internal polling.

“But how,” says I. “How could they have been that stupid? How could they not have seen what was happening right in front of them?”

He leans back, my genius husband, and says, “Romney is a true son of Detroit. His father was an auto-exec. They never saw the energy crisis coming. They never thought Japan would build fuel efficient cars that Americans would buy.”