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But What about ME?

The Kay Gardella Memorial Blog and posts are starting to develop a following, and soon it will be time for the classy and classical Idiots at the Opera, but do any of you go check out my work? Apparently not.

What gives?

You do realize if you aren’t at least looking at my books, then I have no justification for wasting time on this blog when I could be writing more books that nobody will look at, or maybe even looking forĀ paid work?

So take a look below, please, and pick whichever you find least noxious, and at least go check out the reviews — if only to snigger and mutter how they must be fake because that’s what Jonathan Franzen thinks, and you still take him seriously, despite his obsessive hatred for cats, and women, and the Internet, and the world in general except for boids, dirty, disgusting lice-ridden boids.

You’ve got The Death Trip,, only 99 cents on Kindle. It’s a quick read novella as cool as its cover. Simple premise — What if a pharmaceutical company came up with a way to make death the ultimate trip?

Or you might prefer Schrodinger’s Telephone, set in New York City between 1990 and 2001, a story about grief, hope, faith and the thin line between madness and vision. It’s also a quick read and only 99 cents.

And if you’re ready to commit to an actual novel, check out Loisaida, a story inspired by true events, including a murder so grotesque it became a neighborhood legend. You got gentrifiers, artists, anarchists, devil worshippers, drug addicts, potheads, and failed revolutionaries all vying for space in a city where people kill for cheap rent (literally). That one’s actually available in paperback as well as on Kindle.

Oh and if you do buy something, and you actually read it, and it turns out you are stunned, or even mildly surprised by the quality of the work, please say a few words on facebook or the twitter or Amazon or Goodreads or someplace else, or all of the previous.