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A Modest Proposal 2.0: For preventing the elderly from being a burden on their children and taxpayers

Let us not worry about too much about being “politically correct.” Politicians, including that great Republican intellect, the very conscious of his party, the Honorable Paul Ryan has struggled with this issue, yet even he has endeavored to use the utmost tact when explaining to the public that Obamacare is in a “death spiral” because it burdens the healthy with paying insurance premiums that would benefit the sick.

Critics have disingenuously stated that Congressman Ryan misunderstands the entire concept of insurance, yet a driver prone to accidents would expect to pay more for insurance, and so the elderly, who are most prone to illness, should have no complaint if they too must pay more for coverage. It’s perfectly logical, is it not? Of course, one might argue, that all of us are healthy until we are sick, and illness or accident can strike at any age, but even if this happens, frankly cancer moves more quickly when it strikes the young. They are like to die sooner, and if they recover from some unfortunate event, they will have many years ahead to contribute to the economy and their society.

That family man of moral rectitude, Congressman Ryan cannot say out loud, just yet, what some of his party have hinted at. (After all old people vote.) Nor would someone of such a kindly disposition suggest taking away all the income of people as they age. Even he understands that if every penny needed to go toward insurance and healthcare, other facets of the economy might suffer. The elderly might no longer be able to afford to house themselves, and would need to move in with their adult children. Once upon this was the norm, and some of us film buffs may even recall the depression era classic, Make Way for Tomorrow, which dealt honestly with the problem this presented for families, and ends with an elderly couple parting forever to live with different households in different part of the countries. The cruelty of the separation leaves “not a dry eye in the house.” Would the sweet mercy of death not be a better alternative? Continue reading A Modest Proposal 2.0: For preventing the elderly from being a burden on their children and taxpayers

Extraordinary Times: Rainbows Over the White House & Reckoning with America’s Original Sin

This isn’t a “news” blog, and there’s nothing I have to say about the three humongous events that happened in the United States on Friday that hasn’t been said better already by others. But I can’t ignore them either, and having just listened to Obama’s Eulogy in Charleston (as it will be recorded in history books) I have to at least write something, another one of my imaginary letters trying to explain America to the rest of the world.

There’s a part of me so cynical, I couldn’t help seeing the irony that Ted Olson, the lawyer who helped win Gore v Bush, was the man who helped win marriage for millions. Months after his wife went down in a plane on 911, when the August 6th “Bin Laden determined to strike in the US” memo was leaked, did he think, “This is what I have wrought.” Was taking on the cause of marriage a penance? Continue reading Extraordinary Times: Rainbows Over the White House & Reckoning with America’s Original Sin

Rant of the Day — Ross Douthat Says More Stupid Sh*t

Professional idiot Ross Douthat of the New York Times continues to rally against healthcare for people who make less money than he does (or as they are more commonly known the 98%) This week he does the maths and claims that the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA – which I won’t call Obamacare because for better or worse, it is not) will raise premiums. His basic gripe is because the cheapest pre-ACA plans are now “illegal” the plans that are in compliance are more expensive. He asks “Will [people] be grateful for more comprehensive coverage, even though it’s being forced on them and has higher premiums attached?”

Then he makes it seem like it’s about ideology. Liberals will be grateful he says because for them “more is simply better.” While conservatives argue that not spending money on health insurance will “free up money.” This is the fun thing about opinion pieces. You can say any idiotic thing you wish. You can pretend you know how other people think and what they want or just make up your own economics, ignoring what actual economists have to say. Also you can create false categories like “liberal” and “conservative” which have little to do with how you much anyone enjoys getting what the Republicans Continue reading Rant of the Day — Ross Douthat Says More Stupid Sh*t

Supreme Court Ruling on Health Care May Be Too Late for Stricken Middle Class

Obituary: Democracy in America, July 4, 1776 – June 25, 2012

While some might argue that it never really existed, Democracy in America, which had been comatose since January 21st 2010 when the Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment prohibited the government from restricting independent political expenditures by corporations, succumbed to its injuries on Monday.

D.I.A., as it was known to friends, had been in poor health, arguably mortally wounded since December 12, 2000, when the Court declared George W. Bush the winner of the United States presidential election despite the fact that the votes in Florida still hadn’t been completely counted, and that tens of thousands of people who believed they were voting for Gore had misunderstood the ballet and unintentionally voted for Pat Buchanan.

The final blow came on Monday when when the Court refused to review its Citizens United decision.

In Related News, The American Middle Class Holds on Despite Continuous Death-Threats

The massive influx of money to buy elections, proved not only too much for Democracy in America, but has continuously threatened its  longtime companion, the American Middle Class, which has been in fragile health since the 2008 financial crisis.  While the economy had appeared to be making a come back, thus rallying the Middle Class out of a deep depression, the Citizen’s United decision has placed it in a precarious position.  Unlimited spending by a few crazy billionaires is leading to the  destruction of unions and collective bargaining rights.  Government layoffs and threats that even “teachers, policeman and fireman” will be gleefully fired by President Romney  (whose election has already been paid for) is creating a sense of hopelessness and panic.  The promised destruction of Medicare under the Ryan Budget has further solidified the feeling that the end is near, and Middle Class survival at stake.

While the Middle Class has cheated death before, coming back stronger after many serious attempts on its life, this time, faced with massive personal debt owing to student loans, a continued housing slump, increased medical expenses, and a stagnant economy, it appears it may only be a matter of time before the end, which is expected to occur within a few months of Romney’s inauguration.

Breaking News — THIS JUST IN

While waiting for news from the Supreme Court regarding its ruling on the Affordable Health Care act, the American Middle Class suffered a massive heart attack.

Fortunately, at 10 am, the Court announced it had narrowly decided to uphold the Affordable Healthcare Act,  holding out the possibility that maybe the Middle Class would be saved.

However, the pre-existing condition clause in the law will  not go into effect for adults until 2014, so it appears the Middle Class is still shit-out-of-luck.