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The Death of Rush Tickets (If I Ruled the Met Part Whatever)

I was so upset when I heard the Met had eliminated rush tickets as we knew them that I couldn’t even write about it. This is about my fifth attempt . I’ll try not to get sidetracked by other bone-headed decision decisions made by Peter Gelb and the Met board.

First, a brief history of the rush ticket program. Starting in 2006, the Met offered 50 seats a night for $20, Monday thru Thursday to “senior citizens” through an online lottery. Each winner could buy up to two tickets. I’m assuming that they only picked 25 winners, since most people would buy two tickets. These were no additional service charges or fees. I believe these were all in the rear orchestra although the material I think said orchestra or the next level up. There were an additional 150 seats which anyone could wait on line for. Those were also rear orchestra, full view seats for $20. On weekends there were fewer seats available. The cost was $25 a ticket and there was an online lottery for everyone. Continue reading The Death of Rush Tickets (If I Ruled the Met Part Whatever)