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Julia and Juliette

Julia Ormond as Marie Calvert

Just a couple more hours to go till one of the last episodes ever of Mad Men. I will be furiously scribbling notes for my recap which will appear tomorrow on HNTP.

Last week I made a mistake which an astute commenter caught. I’d thought Megan’s mom was played by Juliette Binoche – a brunette, French actress of a certain age. Which would have made perfect sense as the character, Marie Calvert is a brunette French woman of a certain age and she sure looks like Juliet Binoche. However, this is

NOT Julia Ormond

not the case. She is played by Julia Ormond. That is a picture of Julia Ormond on the left. On your right, here is a picture of Juliette Binoche.

I had heard both these names before. I have probably seen movies with each of them, but if you named a bunch of movies with either one of them and you asked me to guess which was which, I’d probably totally fail – even if you showed me pictures.

Since the error of my ways was pointed out to me, I  learned some things. Julia and Juliette are almost the same age (51 and 50 respectively). And they’ve both appeared in a lot of classy films, plays etc. But guess what? Julia Ormond isn’t even French! How is that possible? She’s English. Totally English although it looks like she’s played French before. So in one sense given that the character is French, it makes some sense I’d mix them up or maybe it makes sense because they really do look alike. Have they ever actually been spotted in the same place at the same time? Here are two more pictures. I’m not labeling them. You decide. Julia or Juliette?