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The Return of Glen Bishop — Mad Men S7 E10

My full recap is up at HNTP where you will also find many other lovely recaps not written by me. Some stray thoughts. I haven’t read any of the early caps yet, but I’m willing to bet the return of Glen got a lot of attention. Anyone else notice the Greg Brady resemblance? Right down to the huck-a-poo shirt. And Mary LeTourneau’s Betty’s reaction was priceless! I seem to recall reading that Barry Williams had quite the crush on Florence Henderson and they even dated once.

Again, details on the full cap later, but can I just say I really hope we’ve seen the last of the following people: Mathis, Lou, Diana and All the Calverts? The only minor player I’m dying to see again is Sal. I so want to see Sal successful, out and happy, and in a position of power where he can fire people.

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