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Joyce Triumphant — La Donna Del Lago at the Met

Let Joyce reign! Let us reJoyce! I’ll stop now but you get the idea. ¬†Joyce DiDinato was radiant and triumphant as Elena in last night’s premiere of Rossini’s La Donna Del Largo. The music might as well have been written for her. She was perfection, and part of perfection is grace– the ability as in Fred Astaire’s dancing to make us believe that it’s all as natural as breathing. And thank you, Met opera for pairing her again with Juan Diego Florez, who sang King James. Last year the two of them were fantastic together in La Cenerentola though illness prevented him form many of the performances.

Daniela Bacellona the mezzo in the trouser role of Malcolm also gave a strong performance and was especially good in her duet with DiDinato, and John Osborn singing Rodrigo was powerful and charismatic.

The orchestra was ably conducted by Michele Mariotti.

But was it all wonderful? Not exactly. Continue reading Joyce Triumphant — La Donna Del Lago at the Met