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The Truth About Kitler and Chaplin Cats

There has been some confusion. This is a Chaplin cat.

The Chaplin cat or False-Kitler, is often mistaken for the Kitler, due to their both having distinctive mustaches and an unfortunate resemblance. HOWEVER, please note that Chaplins lack the distinctive Kitler, “side part” and the Kitler propensity for waving the paw high in the air. Chaplin cats are SILENT as a rule, and whacky rather than evil. Chaplin’s while territorial, have never been known to invade Poland.

Here is a Kitler. This little girl went viral a few years ago when a shelter reported that her looks were preventing her from getting adopted. Won’t anybody think of the poor Kitlers? Notice the tendency to raise the paw, as well as the side part. Kitler’s are IRONIC, rather than evil. Let’s hope this little girl eventually found a good home:

What do these two variations (They are NOT breeds) have in common?

Adorableness! That’s what. Both make excellent pets as do most members of felis silvestris catus.

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