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Jimmy? Jimmy? Jimmy?

So I saw this post on Salon about how there’s going to be a fight over who gets to host The Tonight Show when Jay Leno retires (again).

First of all, Jay Leno is still alive? And The Tonight Show? Seriously, is that still on? Haven’t all the people who watched it died yet?

The choices are Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon. Definitely saw the Mom-dancing thing, and that film Sarah Silverman made about their break-up, but I just didn’t register these were two different people. They’re both smirky-white man-children who still use the same childhood nickname, and they both have last names with six letters and two consonants in the middle.

And what’s up with the “Jimmy”? Are they both Jimmy because Johnny Carson was Johnny? Hasn’t Jon Stewart proved you can be funny and still have an adult version of your name?  Hasn’t that Jimmy over in the UK sullied the name for all television hosts forever? It’s 2013, would you trust a man over twenty-one who called himself Jimmy?

And The Tonight Show on NBC is still some kind of prize worth fighting over?

So I put together some fun facts below. Some of them are about Jimmy K. and Some are about Jimmy F. Some may apply to both. Can you guess? No answer key as you can look all this up on the Intertubes.

Fallon, Kimmel or Both:

Mom-dancing with the First Lady

Dated Sarah Silverman

Announcer looks kind of like original Tonight Show host, Steve Allen

SNL alum

Slow Jam with the President

Looks kind of like Seth McFarlane

Show on ABC

Show on NBC


From Brooklyn

Maternal Italian Descent

Does impressions

Plays a musical instrument

Show is called, “Live” but it’s taped.


No prizes for winners. Sorry.