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Everybody Loves Hurley’s Island — Coming soon to ABC

(Hugo to Ben Linus in the series finale:  “You were a great Number 2.”  Ben’s reply:  “And you were a great number 1, Hugo”)

Hurley’s Island

Billionaire Lottery winner, Hugo “Hurley” Reyes owns a very exclusive resort on a mysterious island that’s more than a little “out of the way.”

Each week, pilot Frank “Chesty” Lapidus brings new guests for a truly “out of this world” vacation experience.

Hurley’s wry sidekick, Henry Gale plays a sarcastic Tatoo to Hurley’s benovelent Roarke. The hotel is staffed by the sassy clerk Rose whose signature lines are: “Do I look like the cook?”,  “Who invited you?” and “We don’t get involved.” Rose’s much put upon husband, Bernard leads fishing tours and does emergency dental work.

The cast is rounded out by Jimmy Ford, a tough reformed conman and aging stud who runs the local book exchange and bar with his sidekick Miles .

This week’s episode: What Happened on the Island Stays on the Island —

Jimmy’s old flame visits with her new husband. But is there still a spark after all these years? When Henry Gale mentions her past includes run ins with the law, as well as a hot romance with Jimmy, will this create a wedge between the newlyweds? While Freckles and Jimmy insist that the past is just the past, when she and Jimmy both wind up trapped in a hunter’s net, will an old flame spark?  In an effort to smooth things over, Hurley arranges for an old fashioned good time — boar hunting, ghost stories around the campfire and maybe a round of golf.   But who let the polar bears out?

With special guests: Evangeline Lilly as Freckles and Lillian Hurst as Carmen Reyes.