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The Exorcist, Homeland, The Americans and More…

exorcist-3-burning-manThis is just a reminder for all you fans of snarky recaps, snappy reviews, and other smart writing about television: My television writing has moved from Happy Nice Time People to The Agony Booth. In fact, the entire contents of HNTP have moved to The Agony Booth, so that’s the place to go to catch up on all things television.

I’m currently recapping The Exorcist, which is a little bit Buffy and a little bit X-Files derivative, but why not take from the best?

This television season I expect to return to recapping Homeland, Better Call Saul and The Americans. They’ll also probably be season overviews of binge-worthy shows like The Man in the High Castle.  

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Homeland Season 6: Peter Quinn is Risen Plus House of Cards Crossover

(Newsflash: My stuff that used to run in Happy Nice Time People, will now be running in The Agony Booth — SOON. But meantime, there’s this.)

When last seen in the Season 5 Homeland finale, Peter Quinn was totally brain dead in pretty bad shape after inhaling all that saran gas, and then being forced to WAKE UP by Carrie – because nobody can say no to her. He then suffered a massive stroke, and wound up in a persistent vegetative state. Carrie was about to put him out of his misery when suddenly the room filled with a bright light, which wasn’t a train coming toward her, a thing that happened earlier in the same episode. (The technical term for this is “foreshadowing with a lead balloon.”) Viewers debated what that light was all about. Did it mean Carrie’s prayers were answered and vegetable-Quinn was about to rise? Would he be a zombie? Would he now have superpowers because that’s what happens in comics when you survive something like that, and Homeland is about as realistic as anything in the Marvelverse?

Too cute to die.
Too cute to die.

We won’t know for sure till January when Season 6 begins, but we do know that Quinn will be a central character and not simply an occasional guest hallucination when Carrie is either off her meds like those other guys she has lead to their doom. However, Rupert Friend, the actor what plays him is not quite as indestructible as the demigod he portrays. Friend suffered an on set injury which delayed filming the first two episodes, which were being directed by veteran Homeland director Keith Gordon. (The premiere is still set for January.)

And here’s something I bet you didn’t know: Keith Gordon’s dad, Mark Gordon, played Chuckles the Clown on The Mary Tyler Moore show before they killed him off in that hilarious and very special classic  episode. Also Keith Gordon was a leading man for five minutes when he starred in Brian De Palma’s Dressed to Kill featuring Angie Dickinson, as his very sexy mom, and Michael Caine as the world’s creepiest psychiatrist before Hannibal Lector.

Got Milf?
Got Milf?

Even back then what Gordon (the younger) really wanted to do, apparently, was direct – and he did! (Your humble recapper knows this not because she read it in the Wikipedia, but because a hundred years ago she met him and his father at a Directors Guild screening of a re-release of Zardoz. It’s funny because it was Zardoz – an epically terrible movie, that like Peter Quinn just can’t be killed.

And somehow Sean Connery was taken seriously even after this.
And somehow Sean Connery was taken seriously even after this.

But wait! There’s even more news about Season 6: In the Homelandverse, Hillary gets elected President! Well, not Hillary exactly, but a lady, and not Trump, so we know it doesn’t take place in a post-apocalyptic Zardoz like future being run by an enormous rock head. The President will be played by Elizabeth Marvel, who also portrays Heather Dunbar on House of Cards. Heather, as you may remember, was running for president until she got owned by the Clintons Underwoods. Does this mean Homeland will take place in alternate House of Cards future, thus becoming the wackiest (and most awesome) crossover ever? Probably not, but we thought it would make a good headline.

Source: Deadline 

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Homeland Recap: S4, E11 Peter Quinn’s One Man Quest for Justice (and/or Vengeance)

Sure, nondescript clothes and a cap. That’s  a GREAT DISGUISE when the Pakistani military has you on a kill list and every major agency in the world is looking for you! Read my full recap over at Happy Nice Time People the site that dyslexics (like me) have a lot of trouble writing down in the correct order.

Homeland S4 E10 — Who’s the Red Shirt?

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Homeland — No More Dying (Until the Season Finale)

You can catch my complete Homeland episode recap today at Happy Nice Time People — your source on the web for all things television. As of this posting, it’s not up yet, so I’m giving you the general link.

BTW, I rewatched the scene where Saul gets his face washed twice, and contrary to what some other recappers may be telling you, I don’t think there was anything weird going on with his glasses. Sometimes a face wash, is just a face wash.

Also, note to US embassies: Please do something about your unguarded secret tunnels!

And finally, where the hell was Quinn, when the shit went down? He had ONE JOB — watching Carrie’s back. And why was Lockhart even there? Depend on Lockhart to make the exact worst call ever!

Anyone else wondering where Max and Fara are? I’m guessing honeymoon in Goa!