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Homeland Finale Speculation — Dar’s Long Con

I’ve been thinking a lot of about that image of Dar with Haquanni and what it means.

We know that Dar has no problem seeing people killed for the mission.

What if Dar’s mission was to completely destroy Haquanni’s organization from the inside?

Here’s how it works:

Dar works with a top level agent within the ISI – Tasmeen. She doesn’t like the Americans, but she’s convinced Dar wants what she wants — to stop the drones, to destroy the Taliban threat, to get the Americans out of her hair.

He sets a lot of events in place, improvising, reacting and advising as stuff happens.

He gets Tasmeen to contact Sandy and sets up getting him the good targets and then the bad one – the wedding. He makes sure Tasmeen reaches out to Haquanni so Haquanni isn’t there and his death is faked. When Saul shows up, he’s willing to use that as well. Dar knows full well that if Haquanni breaks in, civilians are going to die. He doesn’t care.

But the list is not what Haquanni thinks it is.

Here’s the beauty of the long-con: It’s a FAKE LIST.

It’s not a list of the collaborators and assets. It’s a list of loyal supporters, but if Haquanni believes it’s a list of traitors, it will lead to a purge that will  destroys Haquanni’s entire organization from within.

What’s Dar doing in the car with Haquanni? Why does he have to expose himself at all?

Still haven’t quite worked that one out. But my guess would be he’s there to make Haquanni feel even more elevated and important while somehow continuing to set him up.