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Homeland — No More Dying (Until the Season Finale)

You can catch my complete Homeland episode recap today at Happy Nice Time People — your source on the web for all things television. As of this posting, it’s not up yet, so I’m giving you the general link.

BTW, I rewatched the scene where Saul gets his face washed twice, and contrary to what some other recappers may be telling you, I don’t think there was anything weird going on with his glasses. Sometimes a face wash, is just a face wash.

Also, note to US embassies: Please do something about your unguarded secret tunnels!

And finally, where the hell was Quinn, when the shit went down? He had ONE JOB — watching Carrie’s back. And why was Lockhart even there? Depend on Lockhart to make the exact worst call ever!

Anyone else wondering where Max and Fara are? I’m guessing honeymoon in Goa!

Homeland: Nothing Says Good Morning Like Pastry S4 E8

Well, that was predictable — which is 100% better than terrible. Has Homeland brought itself back from the brink of awfulness? You’ll have to either watch for yourself or read my recap at HappyNiceTimePeople — the blog for people who don’t own a television machine but want to keep up and also for people who watch too much.

Like a Deer in the Headlights

Poor Aayan! At least if you’re stuck on a boat with a CGI-tiger you know who the predator is!

You can check out my recap, now with 50% more snark, over at Happy Nice Time People the bestest blog about television since TWP went belly up. Not sure when the recap goes live, but if it’s not up yet, there’ll be plenty more articles for couch potatoes everywhere. And for those of ¬†you who don’t actually watch the television machine even online, you can skim the recaps so you won’t feel left out.