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Homeland – Season Finale — Carrie’s Emotional Baggage Too Heavy for Carry On

Carrie is carrying so much crap around with her, that she has to DRIVE from the DC-Metro area to Missouri! But she does finally get to smooch with Quinn and contemplate life outside the fast lane. And she doesn’t try to kill her baby. Read the entire reap over at Happy Nice Time People.

It’s Happy Homeland Recap Time

Has Homeland become a lot like high school?

Let’s celebrate the 522nd anniversary of the naqba of the Americas by staying in our houses and reading stuff on the internets — like my review of the latest episode of Homeland. You can find it over on Happy Nice Time People, which is like the next best thing to Television Without Pity, now that TWP is no more.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Saul — Homeland Borrows a Few More Pages from LeCarre

It’s that time again. What time? Happy nice time, that’s what time it is, people. And you should mosey on over and to where the nice people post my recaps of  Homeland, so you can read it, or maybe even just watch the show because it got a whole lot better than it’s been in a while. Or maybe watch it, and then read my recap for the yuks.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy — Homeland Season 3, Episode 8.

(And if you like character driven dark stories with a twist or two, you can check out Loisaida, a novel of the 1980s, gentrification and its discontents. There’s no CIA, but there is a shout out to Cointelpro and a general sense of paranoia.)