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Homeland — Recap and Extras

You can read my recap of Season 3, Episode 9, Homeland — One Last Time  over at Happy Time Nice People, Wonkette’s smarter, snarkier, sluttier little sister. You could do me a great favor and comment. Would be awesome to get a discussion going.

Here are some additional thoughts:

Heard a very loud shoe drop Sunday night. Since the season started exactly 58 days after the Langley bombing, and since we weren’t privy to all of Carrie and Saul’s conversations during the interim, I was wondering what Saul knew about Carrie’s missing hours. Had she told him the truth – that she “knew” Brody was innocent and helped get him out of the country? That seemed unlikely, but it could have given Saul the leverage to get her complete cooperation for his larger scheme. It was impossible, not just implausible that he could accept her story – especially with Brody missing, and both of them having been Continue reading Homeland — Recap and Extras