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Homeland: Nothing Says Good Morning Like Pastry S4 E8

Well, that was predictable — which is 100% better than terrible. Has Homeland brought itself back from the brink of awfulness? You’ll have to either watch for yourself or read my recap at HappyNiceTimePeople — the blog for people who don’t own a television machine but want to keep up and also for people who watch too much.

Didn’t They Almost Have It All — Homeland Recap Season Finale The Star

Was it all that you’d hope for? Or exactly what you expected? Or aren’t you the kind who tells? Or cares? In all these cases, and many more, the Homeland Series Season Finale Recap is now up over at Happy Nice Time People. Let us entertain, you.

(If you find Marion’s Homeland Recaps hysterical, or even mildly amusing, you might maybe like other stuff’s she’s written. Perhaps this whacky dystopian novella, or this little parallel universe one, or maybe even this novel of gentrification and is discontents.)