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FREE E-Book Schrodinger’s Telephone is FREE

No posts since 7/31?

I can’t believe it either, and it’s not like my summer was exactly a thrill a minute either.

I should “rebrand” this blog and call it “How Not to Promote Your Books” or maybe “How Not to Promote Your Books.” Months ago I placed both Loisaida and Schrodinger’s Telephone in the Kindle Select program, which basically means I have to sell the e-versions exclusively on Kindle and in return I get to “promote” the book by giving it away.

I know. I know. Really, doesn’t sound like too much of a business plan.

But the good news for you intrepid readers is that TODAY and TOMORROW (I believe) Schrodinger’s Telephone is FREE, FREE, FREE, and plenty of people who are complete strangers to me really like it..

It’s a short novella, so even those of you who prefer to read your books in print should be able to get through it on smartphone, tablet, etc. etc. There’s a Kindle app for that.

As for me, I’ve been working on the greatest things since fill-in-the-blank with something that isn’t a cliche. But I will be back with more posts soon.

Oh and should you download the book and then actually read it and enjoy it, could you please say a few kind words in an Amazon customer review or on Goodreads or someplace? Better yet, tell real people you know in real life.