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Get a free copy of my book, or this cat vill invade (your heart with LUV)!

So I made my novella, Schrodinger’s Telephone, free for a few days. The cover was named¬† THE WORST at some website that prefers the use of stock images with eyes. Did we (the better-half and myself) change it? No, because we love it. ¬†Just like we love our little kitler what was probably completely unadoptable on account of his ‘stash.

People say it’s the most “accessible” thing I’ve written, meaning that it’s a gateway drug to my other stuff.

Please download it (the story, not the cat) today! (Or my cat will invade you! Just kidding, he’s never going to get off that chair.) Even if you hate reading fiction on a screen, it will only take you an hour. Also honest reviews would be most welcome. But probably get out yer handkerchiefs because it will give the feelz or maybe even the sadz.

This cover has been voted THE WORST!

Also, if you’ve read it already and liked it — TELL ALL YOUR VIRTUAL FRIENDS! And pretty please write a review and post it up on the Amazon, so I can get rich because if I sell a 3 million copies at 99 cents each for a 35% royalty, I will have A MILLION DOLLARS!

And you might maybe want to check out some of the other stuff what I have written, like the one inspired by a notorious true crime that really happened in the pre-gentrified East Village, or the one with the sexy vampire that’s like Camille with more blood and less coughing (which you can get for free also, but only if you follow these complex instructions) or maybe even the one about a big pharma trying to kill you.

FREE E-Book Schrodinger’s Telephone is FREE

No posts since 7/31?

I can’t believe it either, and it’s not like my summer was exactly a thrill a minute either.

I should “rebrand” this blog and call it “How Not to Promote Your Books” or maybe “How Not to Promote Your Books.” Months ago I placed both Loisaida and Schrodinger’s Telephone in the Kindle Select program, which basically means I have to sell the e-versions exclusively on Kindle and in return I get to “promote” the book by giving it away.

I know. I know. Really, doesn’t sound like too much of a business plan.

But the good news for you intrepid readers is that TODAY and TOMORROW (I believe) Schrodinger’s Telephone is FREE, FREE, FREE, and plenty of people who are complete strangers to me really like it..

It’s a short novella, so even those of you who prefer to read your books in print should be able to get through it on smartphone, tablet, etc. etc. There’s a Kindle app for that.

As for me, I’ve been working on the greatest things since fill-in-the-blank with something that isn’t a cliche. But I will be back with more posts soon.

Oh and should you download the book and then actually read it and enjoy it, could you please say a few kind words in an Amazon customer review or on Goodreads or someplace? Better yet, tell real people you know in real life.