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Downton Abbey — A Tale of Two Dinners (S5, E7)

It’s the day after the horsey picnic and all hell is breaking loose. Edith is missing! Wherever could she have gone? It takes Atticus to solve that mystery. What else happens? There are two dinner parties. What are the chances that at least one of them will be a total disaster? And what beloved character will we be saying our final good-bye to? Please go over to HNTP NOW and check out the complete recap to find the answers to these and more of life’s most perplexing questions.

Downton Abbey S5 E4 — Oh My God, Is Robert Right About a Thing?

Anyone whose been following my recaps knows I think his Lordship is kind of an ass, but this week except for ignoring his wife and belittling his middle child, he seemed kind of REASONABLE. Of course that’s in contrast to Tom’s potential squeeze, Miss Bunting, who is more caricature than character.

To read the full recap, please to head on over to Happy Nice Time People the best television blog on the internet. They should have it up any minute, and if they don’t, there’s lots of other stuff to read.

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The Russians Are Coming, and Granny’s Got a Past

I am on vacation in some exotic location with limited internet access. But that won’t stop me from bringing you the latest in Downton Abbey recaps. So tune in over at Happy Nice Time People where they should have my take on episode 3 of the current season up soon.  Also while you are here, look around. Maybe you’ll see something else you’ll like.