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Idiots at the Opera — La Traviata Supercharged

As posted previously when we went to see La Traviata at the Met back in March, there was an announcement just prior to the start that the tenor singing Alfredo, Saimir Pirgu was out with a bad cold and the role would be sung by Salvatore Coredelli.

While both Domingo and Damrau gave excellent performances, without a strong Alfredo, the balance was off, and I felt cheated. So, I made it back to the Met last night, and I’m glad I did. I I had a few seconds of doubt when Damrau staggered across the stage during the opening moments. She’s still not my physical ideal of the frail Violetta. Her first moments were a bit breathy, and I wondered if the performance schedule was taking its toll, but then it was magic. She seemed more relaxed in the role than on the previous outing, and once she met her Alfredo there was chemistry. It was lovely to watch the way Damrau and Pirgu played off of each other.

Pirgu at 32, looks young and sings young. He’s ideally suited for Alfredo. Not only is he well-matched to Damrau Continue reading Idiots at the Opera — La Traviata Supercharged