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This is NOT What Vigilanteism Looks Like

The horror! The horror! Angry mob vigilantes fugitive dentist with plushy toys.

There’s been a little confusion. Apparently some people believe that parody reviews, protests and petitions constitute Internet  “mob justice” and/or  “vigilanteism.  First off, protesting outside the office of the coward that shot Cecil is exercising free speech. It’s not “mob justice”. It’s not even the Internet! Second, leaving stuffed animals outside his office is not a serious threat. Phrases like “rot in hell” which was written on one of the signs at a recent protest, are powerful words, but folks have the  right to use them. Also sticks and stones, etc. I’m pretty sure a real he-man what shoots cats with arrows from a truck with a spotlight isn’t afraid of some itty-bitty bad words. Leaving parody reviews on someone’s yelp page is not vigilanteism either.

The writer of the piece linked above complains that if Palmer loses his livelihood, others, like his family will suffer. Huh? Is that ever a reason for someone depraved to be able to hold on to a medical license? Since when did, “Yeah, I’m guilty and not fit to practice, but I was hoping my kids could afford to go Ivy, so cut me a break?” become a defense? Seriously, would you want this man poking his fingers into your mouth? Your children’s?

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