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Schrodinger’s Book Review

The Schrodinger’s Telephone book review is definitely alive, and not dead. You can read it on Big Al’s Books and Pals. For those of you who don’t remember, Big Al’s is a book review site that  went viral a couple of years ago when someone went ballistic over a negative review, and this led to lolz for all.

But Big Al has always been very, very good to me. So go read the review,  and then go buy Schrodinger’s Telephone for less than a buck, or that other one for a little more. It would be great if you could like Schrodinger’s Telephone on Amazon, which will take all of a second, and if so inclined reviews — good, bad, indifferent are always appreciated. Did you know an Amazon customer review could be as short as 20 words?

Don’t read e-books?  Schrodinger’s is a novella, you can devour quickly. It won’t strain your eyes to read it on whatever device you have.