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A Post about Not Posting or Self-help or Saving Your own Life:

In the past few weeks (months), I haven’t posted. Much happened. Many stories exist, but I didn’t write them down. There are the usual excuses: depression, addiction (to authonomy), laziness, the need to retain paid employment, other obligations, life-maintenance, etc.
It’s amazing how much money we all spend on self-help — whether it’s books, classes, therapy, retreats or whatever, when generally we already know what will make us feel better.
Here are 10 things that I could accomplish today. If I do even 3 of them, it will be more than I’ve done lately and will make me feel that at least I’ve done something:
1. write a blog.
2. get the oil changed,
3. buy my mother something for mother’s day even though she’s not easy to shop for and the thought of it fills me with all sorts of ambivalence and many “feelings.” (When I asked what should I get her, one family member who will remain anonymous suggested: “A heart?”
4. clean just one small section of the apartment (start anywhere.)
5. unpack my bags from the trip I took last month.
6. unpack my bag from the overnight trip last weekend.
7. go through the large plastic bin in which the mail has been collecting.
8. change the cat litter.
9. make definite plans with a friend.
10. write something in addition to the blog.

Okay, so I managed to get one of these things done. Now the choice is mine. Rest on my uh laurels or get up off my butt. So hard to choose. Maybe I’ll have another cup of coffee.