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The Federal Welfare State of Arizona Can Go F**k Itself

The governor of Arizona just signed the new law that will allow the police to pick up anyone anywhere  for suspicion of being Mexican or harboring  Mexicans.

Could I just remind Arizona that it is a federal welfare state in the middle of a freaking desert? Most of their water comes from the Hoover dam thanks to federal tax dollars paid by the rest of us. Much of what is grown there needs more water than they have, so the rest of us pay for it every April 15th. Plus there’s also farm subsidies making agriculture viable IN A DESERT. A lot of ranchers use federal land which if it were owned privately would revert to desert because of overgrazing. These whiners complain about the feds restricting their use of this land as another example of the government infringing on their freedoms. It’s a car dependent state so our federal highway dollars go to support their roads.

In return for all of this generosity, the people of Arizona hate us and our government. They hate foreigners too, but if all the Mexicans disappeared there’d be no one to pick their supplemented crops which would rot and then they’d ask for a bailout. They think they are taxed enough already and would like to elect someone even more conservative than John McCain. They think the President is a foreigner and want him off the ballot in 2012.

So can we please just let them go? Federal welfare does nothing but make them (and us) resentful.  We’ve been taxed enough (on many levels) and they deserve a chance to develop on their own. They’d be happier without the rest of us. They wouldn’t be forced to celebrate federal holidays they don’t approve of like Martin Luther King day or as they call it, well never mind.  You know damn well what they call it.  Maybe they could elect Ron Paul and Sarah Palin king and queen. Once their land dries up the “illegals” they hate so much will go somewhere else. (Maybe they’ll go home where without having to compete with America’s socialized agriculture they’ll be able to sell their crops at market prices.)

Who knows?  Arizona might thrive without federal interference.  They  can use their ingenuity to make the desert bloom  because they are chosen by God or through the unseen hand of the market or the ghost of Ayn Rand or something. They can make The Turner Diaries the official state book and live out their post-apocalyptic fantasies.