BETTER CALL SAUL: His Brother’s Keeper? (Finale Speculation Special)

BCS logo2Less than twenty-four hours till the season two finale of Better Call Saul! Last week the internet exploded when an astute fan with too much time on her hands, unscrambled the first letter of each season two episode title to discover the Tiffany Easter egg within. As we all now know (unless we’ve been unplugged for a week) the letters spell, “FRINGS BACK.” We’ll forgive the writers for leaving out the apostrophe (just this once).

But whether or not our favorite super-villain is back, there are still plenty of questions that need answers: Has Kim finally had enough? Is Chuck going to live? And when exactly will Jimmy emerge as criminal lawyer and lord of the underworld, Saul Goodman? You’ll get some real answers tonight, but in the mean time, read my purely speculative thoughts over at Happy Nice Time People, and please feel free to comment with your own theories and ideas!