She’s Back

So I haven’t posted in forever. Some of this may have been owing to a crisis in confidence, the belief that I have no audience so what’s the point in actually putting words down even virtually? Yeah, I know, shouldn’t I be past all that by now? Something happened, which shook me, the influence of one of those toxic individuals we all come across, te insidious kind who may actually believe s/he is being helpful. Fortunately, there may be a story in there, and when I’m ready to tell it, you’ll be the first to know.

Plus there are those time constraints we’re all under, other projects, paid work, etc.

However, anyone who’s ever come here and found anything useful they’ve liked could probably look around and find more from old posts. Plus, if you want to encourage me, commenting here, increases in my book sales, etc etc will revive me like applause brought back Tinkerbell.

You can also keep up with snarky television recaps and other writing about television over at Happy Nice Time People — where they actually pay me sort of.

I’m also up for suggestions as to posts. Seriously, if there’s something you’d like to see me write about, just let me know.