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Narcos: Almost a True Story

Narcos is addictive, so if you haven’t already binged this Netflix series based on the life and escapades of one Pablo Escobar, master criminal, cancel all your plans next weekend and have at it. It gave me great pleasure. Then again, back in the ‘80s, so did cocaine.

Like cocaine, my initial feeling of “Oh my god! This is better than sex!” quickly wore off with no afterglow. By episode seven, I was still interested but no longer infatuated.

To read the total skinny on why you should waste or usefully spend your time overdosing on this quality or trash programming, and why it might leave you with a hangover and the feeling that maybe you should have been doing something more worthwhile, take a look at my detailed overview/review at  Happy Nice Time People — the folks (like me) who are always watching.

(When you’re done with THAT, you can slip over here and read my very authentic novel about the 1980s pre-gentrified East Village, which also features a lot of drugs, some money, and also gratuitous (probably) sex and violence.)

The Truth About Kitler and Chaplin Cats

There has been some confusion. This is a Chaplin cat.

The Chaplin cat or False-Kitler, is often mistaken for the Kitler, due to their both having distinctive mustaches and an unfortunate resemblance. HOWEVER, please note that Chaplins lack the distinctive Kitler, “side part” and the Kitler propensity for waving the paw high in the air. Chaplin cats are SILENT as a rule, and whacky rather than evil. Chaplin’s while territorial, have never been known to invade Poland.

Here is a Kitler. This little girl went viral a few years ago when a shelter reported that her looks were preventing her from getting adopted. Won’t anybody think of the poor Kitlers? Notice the tendency to raise the paw, as well as the side part. Kitler’s are IRONIC, rather than evil. Let’s hope this little girl eventually found a good home:

What do these two variations (They are NOT breeds) have in common?

Adorableness! That’s what. Both make excellent pets as do most members of felis silvestris catus.

(Now that your heart has been warmed by this lovely post, please feel free to continue exploring this  site. In lieu of donations or “tips,” check out the author’s work-for-sale here, and feel free to buy a book. All funds received will go toward cat food.)


Get a free copy of my book, or this cat vill invade (your heart with LUV)!

So I made my novella, Schrodinger’s Telephone, free for a few days. The cover was named  THE WORST at some website that prefers the use of stock images with eyes. Did we (the better-half and myself) change it? No, because we love it.  Just like we love our little kitler what was probably completely unadoptable on account of his ‘stash.

People say it’s the most “accessible” thing I’ve written, meaning that it’s a gateway drug to my other stuff.

Please download it (the story, not the cat) today! (Or my cat will invade you! Just kidding, he’s never going to get off that chair.) Even if you hate reading fiction on a screen, it will only take you an hour. Also honest reviews would be most welcome. But probably get out yer handkerchiefs because it will give the feelz or maybe even the sadz.

This cover has been voted THE WORST!

Also, if you’ve read it already and liked it — TELL ALL YOUR VIRTUAL FRIENDS! And pretty please write a review and post it up on the Amazon, so I can get rich because if I sell a 3 million copies at 99 cents each for a 35% royalty, I will have A MILLION DOLLARS!

And you might maybe want to check out some of the other stuff what I have written, like the one inspired by a notorious true crime that really happened in the pre-gentrified East Village, or the one with the sexy vampire that’s like Camille with more blood and less coughing (which you can get for free also, but only if you follow these complex instructions) or maybe even the one about a big pharma trying to kill you.

Nostalgia Isn’t What It Used to Be: Starship Envy, The Turnaround Intruder

Sometimes words from television pop into my head because television is my mother. “You will never be a starship captain,” a voice says. “You are unsuited by either temperament or training.”

If television is also your mother, you may recognize the line from an episode of Star Trek – original iteration. In my head, it’s Spock saying this. I was wrong about that.

Turns out my memory was faulty about many details (like how this was the most misogynist episode ever.)  (Click here to read the rest at HNTP)