Coming Soon: Bad Literary Adaption Television

CBS is making a Huckleberry Finn and Tom Sawyer television series. Sure why not? The characters are out of copyright, and it’s hard to come up with original ideas. What other literary adaptions would we like to see? I’ve got a few ideas. To find out what they might be, head on over to Happy Nice People Time where you can catch up with all my television recaps, reviews and newsy items. It’s the best source of writing about television since that other television site you used to love went belly up.

Then when you’re done there, come on back here and set a spell as they used to say on some 1960’s sitcom. There’s more to see on this blog, and if you want to support my endeavors, you can buy one of my books for far less than what you’d pay for a small popcorn at the movies. I’m not going to beg or anything, but my cats can’t survive on used shoe leather forever.