Catch Up with Me at HNTP

One more reason to check them out -- their icon is GRRRREAT!

Just a quick reminder and link to Happy Nice Time People. It’s the snarky sister site to Wonkette, but instead of politics, it snarks the hell out of television. I’ve been writing for them for a while. Often I crosspost the beginning of my posts here, but I haven’t lately. However, if you want to go there and catch up with my humorous TV newslinks, or recaps of some of your favorite or not so favorite shows, click this a direct link to my “author” archives. Shows I’ve recapped (past and present) include: Homeland, Mad Men, The Americans, Sherlock, Wayward Pines and Deutschland 83. There are other posts on shows worth binging on OR not, etc. So go and enjoy! (And then come back and buy a book, maybe?)