Deutschland 83 — S1, E5 — The Dramas of Young Alex

Ingrid’s health takes a turn for the worse. Will Martin make it back in time to save her? Alex makes a bold, but not unexpected decision, so does Annett.

What would you do after your fake-girlfriend gets killed in front of you and it’s sort of your fault and you have to bury her? Would you maybe go Brussels and make sure her cats don’t starve?

Martin deals with this unusual situation by visiting Yvonne – a hotter girl who is not dead. They go clubbing. He gets wasted, dances (possibly naked) to Bonnie Tyler  — NOT cool even in 1983, and sleeps with Yvonne. We get a peek at the two of them having die sexy-Zeiten and enjoying some intimate kissen sprach afterwards. Rarely, has television been this good at conveying that special post-coital intensity that signals EPIC true liebe. (Wanna read the rest? Of course you do! And there are pictures! So head over to HNTP your internet blog for all things television!)