Binge or No? Aquarius – Groovin’ With the Manson Family, S1 E1-4

Warning: This overview contains spoilers for episodes 1-4, but it doesn’t matter much as nothing happens that’s surprising.

The song “Aquarius” was the showstopper in Hair, the 1960s Broadway musical, which was a blatant attempt to cash in on the counterculture. It was about as real an anthem of the time as the coke commercial that ended Mad Men. The new historical murder mystery series Aquariusthrows in every 60s signifier possible, but like the song still manages to feel no more authentic than Astroturf—a product invented in 1965 that will likely be referenced in an upcoming episode. (Read the rest of this absolutely necessary post on Happy Nice Time People — the television blog for people who like to watch.)