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Here about the one about the Czech “educational” show that sends a family “back in time” to that country’s Nazi occupation? It’s not a joke it’s reality television. How long till America follows suit? Not long at all according to these exclusive leaked emails!

From: Leslie Moonves

To: Nina Tassler

Date: June 7, 2015

Nina Baby,

Did you catch the NY Times piece re this new Czech reality show, Holiday in the Protectorate? A family is sent “back in time” to a rural village in 1939 – milk the cows, outdoor plumbing that kind of “educational television” shtick, but the kicker is it’s under Nazi occupation. Gestapo kicking in the door. Neighbors are informers. Rationing. What would you do to survive? Prize money.

Anything down the pike for a US version? Ideas?

From: Nina Tassler

To: Mark Burnett

Date: June 7, 2015

Mark Hon,

Forwarding you LM’s memo. Is there a chance of getting Bruce on the phone? I know he’s stuck in Mexico doing 10 to 12, but I heard the two of you are working on something contemporary for the Latin American market. Thoughts?

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