Wayward Pines: Children Are Our Future, S1 E4 recap

Previously on Wayward Pines, Ethan and the Sheriff had their standoff right in front of the garage door to freedom and/or death. Wasn’t that convenient? Before Ethan killed Sheriff Pope, he got him to confess the secret of Wayward Pines. Not really. He shot him in the head before he could blurt it out because the writers want to stretch this out longer. Then, Ethan got into the police car with Teresa and Ben, clicked the opener, and lo and behold there was a horrid shrieking, and we got a glimpse of a monster making off with Pope’s body, which so disconcerted the family that they turned around, deciding maybe Wayward Pines wasn’t so bad after all. (To find out what happened after that  — or to get my snarky take on it, please go over to HappyNiceTimePeople the blog that believes that television is NOT bad for you, no matter what science says.)