Games People Play: The Briefcase

And she never had dishpan hands again!

Back in ancient times before the words “reality” and “television” were ever put together, there was a game show called Queen for a Day. The “contestants” were all ladies with problems. Not television problems like “Uh-oh, Darren just told me his boss is coming for dinner and Aunt Harriet turned the house into a medieval castle,” but REAL problems like not being able to pay for a life-saving operation—for your child. The ladies competed to see whose story was the most pathetic. The audience would vote for the “winner.” The queen would then parade around in a tiara and fur-lined cape. What did she get for humiliating herself and her family on national television? Cash money to fix her problems, plus a whole lot of stuff from the sponsors. What did the losers get? The technical term is bupkiss. (Really, I’m going to get up to CBS’s new show soon, and you can read the rest over at HNTP)