The Boring Business Stuff

Oh my! Nothing but television! It’s true I’ve been writing a lot for HNTP which is all TV all the time. This is even though they pay me in peanuts. Why? More people read them so it’s a way to get my name out there. I’m hoping The New Yorker will discover me and Emily Nussbaum will go out on maternity leave or something, even though writing about television is the perfect job for a pregnant woman and she’s great at it. I’m not trying to start a rumor that she’s pregnant and I’m not claiming to be psychic like Daphne on Frasier.

In addition to continuing with the Wayward Pines recaps — despite that I don’t give a hoot what the “mystery” is — I will also be writing more pieces on binging on off-beat as well as popular series. There’s a lot of stuff out there.

But I will try to write about other stuff. I’m sure to go to a show or a movie or something now and then. Maybe read a book or just have a rant about something I read in the newspaper. But it’s four months till opera season so mostly I’m watching a lot of television.

Meantime, you really need to do your part and buy my books. I’m not whining, Well, maybe a little. But seriously folks they will keep you entertained and they are cheap. Loisaida is still on sale for 99 cents as an ebook, and the $14.25 paperback is reduced to about $12. Plus it’s a new edition with mo’ betta formatting. And if you want to commit to writing a review, I’ll send you a copy of the old edition for $3.99 postage and handling — autographed. The old addition has the glitzier cover and I’m ashamed to say a few typos we never fixed, but the good news is you can use it for decoupage projects and I won’t go medieval on your ass like  Anne Rice some authors. And it’s no longer in print so it’s a collector’s item. Also I won’t go crazy if you give it a negative review, but to avoid a bad reading experience, I’d recommend you read the online sample and maybe peruse some reviews before you request a copy.

As for my sexy, post-modern vampire love-story for opera lovers — aka Blood Diva — I’ve gone to hell and put it on Kindle Select. I promise to take it down after the 90 day minimum unless I’m actually making money on the deal. What this means for you the reader is that if you are curious, but don’t want to shell out the ridiculous price of $3.99 for the ebook, you can wait for a sale or freebie day. You can also just REQUEST a freebie in return for an honest review.

The novellas are still collecting dust on those virtual shelves and can be had for the price of a bag of balloons at the 99 cent store. You can see my oeuvre here.

And if you’ve already read something I wrote, and you liked it, please be aware that no one will know about it unless you tell someone.