The Way We Watch Now — Allegiance, The Surprising Pleasures of a Failed Series

It may surprise some to know I don’t own a television machine. Shocking given my status as a semi-professional television recapper. I mostly watch online – legally streaming, or if on deadline, from my “standing desk” – the elliptical machine at my apartment complex’s fitness room where no one else watches the shared televisions unless it’s Superbowl time.

So Friday evening, having finished the excellent Grace & Frankie on Netflix, I checked out the options on  Hulu and came across Allegiance – a show I had referred to on the virtual pages of HNTP as a Frankenstein’s monster – an obvious rip-off of The Americans, with a damaged-genius detective like  Homeland/Sherlock/House etc, plus whacky Get Smart style top secret spy meetings in the depths of Grand Central station, and a ticking time bomb plot like 24. What a mess! No wonder it only lasted five episodes before being replaced by the meh-blandness of The Slap. (Click to continue reading this life altering post.)