Mad Men Finale — The Real Thing

And now the time has come…. It’s time for shout-outs and good-byes. A time for nostalgia and moving forward.

Jon Hamm would've killed in this.

Back in the 1960’s and 70’s there were several television series premised around a lone man on the run from something or someone. He’d travel from town to town – usual in the heartland – and wind up in all sorts of different situations – The Fugitive was the prototype, but it was followed by Run for Your Life, Then Came Bronson, Kung Fu, The Immortal. Has this become Don’s fate? To wander the earth like Caine, getting involved in other people’s business? Don is still on the road, now driving a fast car – but it’s only a test drive, for some young ones who have designed the car. What will happen next? Is this the finale or the spin-off pilot? (To read the rest of this snarky, yet insightful recap please visit HNTP the blog that like Roger Sterling considers TV the bestest friend anyone could have.)