The Three Day Novel Contest

There is a thing that exists up north where storytellers get to try their hand at writing a novel in three days. The good news is you don’t have to actual travel to Canada to do it. It can be done from your own backyard, or front porch or kitchen table. I never won. But after the first year, I turned my entry into an ebook, The Death Trip which still sells on occasion, and I have three other entries that I might do something with someday — especially the one that got short-listed. I didn’t enter last year, but who knows what I’ll do next year. Not only does the contest allow anyone who enters to feel like a writer for three days, but it’s a great way to get through a “block” and to wind up with a nice little draft or outline, so I’d say GO FOR IT.

However, one of the drawbacks is obsession. You write the thing over Labor Day Weekend, but they don’t announce a winner till god-knows-when, so the first year I drove myself nuts waiting. The first prize by the way is publication — small press but “real published” so you get major boasting rights forever and your book is sold in real stores. They even send you end on some kind of book tour with readings and everything. (At least in Canada.)

So below in honor of all who try, you are all winners and here’s a story about my first experience with the contest: