Schrodinger’s Telephone is FREE

A while back I wrote a blog post about how I think Kindle Select is not such a great idea for authors. I still think that, but I decided to give Schrodinger’s Telephone one more shot in the system. The results are so far zero paid borrows. That’s right 0. I have actually SOLD a couple of copies in the 60 days that it’s been in the program, which given that it’s a 2 year old novella written by an obscure hack like me, isn’t so terrible. I will be removing it from the Select program when it’s time is up in May and will make it available on Kobo and those other places where nobody ever buys my books, ┬ábut meantime I’m taking advantage and offering it for FREE to interested readers (from April 2-6).So just go over to Amazon if you’d like and download it now. It’s a short read novella. There’s no obligation but I’m hoping if you like it you might buy one of my other works, or maybe write a review. Reviews are good because allegedly or so I’ve been told they make your books more visible on Amazon and more people will buy them. Also I have no plans to make any of my other books free to the general public — as that would mean having them on Amazon exclusively which I don’t want to do. HOWEVER, reviews are good, so if you can promise me one — on Amazon especially and/or on your blog or other places, I would certainly consider sending you a review copy even if you don’t work for some fancypants magazine and are just a reader, so please take a look at the samples on Amazon and drop me a line letting me know what book you’d be interested in reading and reviewing.