Better Call Mike — A Better Call Saul Recap (E7)

After it turns out the rock upon which Jimmy built his church is made of quicksand, Mike saves the day. You can read my not-so-snarky recap over at HNTP which is the home of snarky recaps.

And here’s another NOT snarky thought about the show: Is anyone else really hoping that it doesn’t “end” with Gene watching old tapes of Saul commercials? That that we will return to Gene? Jimmy has so much potential to be GOOD, to be more than a “criminal lawyer,” and so far at least Jimmy is not the man who would be eager to be a drug lord’s consigliere, nor someone I would see advising a client to have someone knocked off in jail (and who knows a guy who knows a guy). So I not only want to know what happened to turn him into Saul (Gradual shift? Tragedy? series of Unfortunate events?) but beyond that I want REDEMPTION and I want it to be believable. Because folks, THAT’S entertainment.

(Again, and I can’t emphasize this enough, please visit HNTP to read the complete recap. Then you may come back here and peruse to your heart’s content. And also nothing says “thank you” like then going over here and buying a book.)