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Better Call Saul — The Saddest Story Ever Told (S1, E9)

This week on Better Call Saul we all learned a very special lesson about the importance of family. Just in time for the holidays too. I don’t you about you, but I think I think I’m coming down with something that will preclude me from attending any family event or even speaking to any of those bastards ¬†EVER AGAIN.

You may go if you wish to HNTP to read my recap in full, but I must warn you that it is the saddest story ever told and also spoilers.

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Cute Cat Video

That is a cute video of my cat out for a walk in New York City. People ask how we “trained” him. We didn’t. He trained us. He also found us. He followed the better half home, but he alway tries to run out of our apartment, so a few months ago we made him this deal. We agreed to with him when we could but for his own protection this would involve the leash. He was cool with that.

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The Americans Recap (S3 E9) Do Mail Robots Dream….

Today we are all mail robots! To read my snarky, but insightful recap of this week’s episode, head over to HNTP, your Wonkette’s all-growed up little sister what watches too much television. While I will concede that this was probably the best ‘sode of the season, I don’t get how the series, which is constantly RIDICULOUS, keeps getting a pass from most critics.

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Better Call Saul, S1 E8 — Rico Recap

Seriously, am I the only one concerned about the Catholicism of Saul and the revisionist politics of The Americans? If we’re going to take television seriously even if only as a popular form of entertainment, don’t we have to fixate occasionally on the message and not the medium? But what do I know? I only write snarky recaps over at Happy Nice Time People. You can see my latest there.

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How Did The Americans Distort History This Week?

Seriously, am I the only one who notices the revisionist history bs of The Americans, or just the only one still watching? And how come Rolling Stone, The New York Times and other big fans keep saying the show is great drama and giving it a pass? Somewhere in hell, J Edgar Hoover is wanking to every episode as they tell us again and again how the civil rights movement and every thing else was all a commie plot. So if you’re looking for truth and snark, head on over to HNTP and catch the only recap that will give you both.

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